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Cheap Womens Flapper Costume For Sale

The flapper costume is popular for women who wore short skirts, tight-fitting blouses with high necklines, puffed sleeves, pleated skirts, or a short skirt with a tight-fitting bodice that reached mid-thigh. They also wore high heels that were often painted black on top of their shoes to make them look more like shoes than moccasins or sandals. Flapper costumes are cheap and easy to wear. They are suitable for any occasion and can be worn in various ways.

The flapper costume is popular for women in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Many women wore flapper costumes of the period, but men also wore them, especially during the Jazz Age. The flapper costume consists of a short black skirt with a high-waisted white blouse and white gloves. The hat is usually a straw boater with a wide-brimmed brim and sometimes has an ostrich feather.